What a Horrible Couple of Weeks


Have you ever felt that everything is conspiring against you and your family? I have in the last few weeks. Here is why…

A few weeks ago I got a phone call from my youngest son, who is 34. He called me and said these words, “Mom, don’t freak out but I am in the hospital.” Yeah sure, don’t freak out he said. I asked him why he was there. Turns out he had an accident at work and the printing press won the battle. He was cleaning his machine when one of his fingers, the right pointer finger, got pulled into the rollers. He jerked it out quickly but part of it was gone. The remaining, he later told me, looked like a flat spoon with bone sticking out.

He told me not to worry, they were going to amputate it to the middle knuckle in the ER and he would update me on it later. Not worry? I am MOM. It is my job to worry. I asked if his hand and arm were ok and was it just limited to his finger. It was and they did amputate it in the ER.

A few hours later he was home, on pain meds and sleeping. Me? I was awake. Fight or flight adrenaline going full steam ahead.

In the end, he is in occupational therapy to learn to use, what we affectionately call  his nub. He is improving and I took him to several appointments while in town. I also got to see the grandkids. It was good to see he is using his nub and it is healing nicely.

The reason I went to Ohio though, is because my older son called me and asked if I was sitting down. That is never a good way to start a conversation. He said, “Mom, I am in the ER. I had a heart attack at work and I am in this little town hospital getting transferred to Dayton hospital.” I could not believe this was happening. I asked the appropriate questions. My nurse training kicked in.

I was reassured that he was able to call me, but apprehensive because some folks have a small heart attack before the much bigger one. My husband said for me to pack while he checked the cars fluids and made sure I was ready to head out. I drove to Ohio. While traveling, I was kept up to date by family there. When they transported him to the big hospital, they took him straight into surgery as he arrived. When they told me this, I knew it was more than my son knew.

I arrived after his surgery. He was in ICU. Turns out he had what doctors call “the widow maker”. He was 100% blocked in one artery and further down the same artery, he had two more blockages. The doctors told him if he had not listened to his body, he would most likely have died in an hour from it. What saved him was getting to the first little hospital, where they gave him blood thinners and got him to the big hospital where some of the best cardiologists are.

That was the longest drive of my life. I cried, prayed and bargained with God to get my son through this. This was on Wednesday. My reunion was on Saturday.  I stayed until Saturday night. He was released from ICU to go home Friday evening. I could not believe they discharge them so quickly.

He is weak but good. He is reflecting on his life and living it more in the present. My other son is doing the same thing, putting his injury in perspective and moving forward.

That is how my last few weeks have gone. I had not planned on going to Ohio but since I was there, why not pop in to my 40th high school reunion? You can read that in the post titled “Reunions”.

Oh, before I close, one more thing. I am sick. It is some kind of cold. I am hyper vigilant usually  about wearing a mask and washing hands while in a hospital. I forgot so I am sure that is where I got it. Just puts a cherry on top of all these stress inducing events.




Why do reunions make people upset? Is it because they are overweight now? Have they aged badly? Didn’t they like their high school chums? Who knows, the answer is personal to each person.

This last weekend was my high school’s 40th reunion. I had not planned to go but more about that in another post. You see, my high school is in Ohio, and I live in Kentucky. I know, it isn’t that far away. It is a three hour drive from my home. However, we live on a tight budget and the trip was not in the financial realm of attending. We had booked a hotel room at first and hoped to attend. As time went on, I decided that I could not attend.

What changed you ask? How is it that I attended the reunion in spite of informing everyone that I was not coming? More on that later in another post. Suffice to say that I was in town after all and decided to attend before driving home the same evening.

I must confess that I had fun. I was not drinking, but it was nice to see those faces I knew from kindergarten up to graduation. Our town was small when I was growing up. It is large now but back in the day (did I just say that?) it was a small town. If I did something I was not supposed to do, my mom knew long before I got home. Yes, it was hard getting away with much because there was always someone who knew my parents and would tip them off to what I was up to.

For example, one time a friend and I arranged to meet up with a fellow who had an awesome car, get some boone’s farm strawberry wine, and cruise at Jerry’s, which was the local cruising place.  It had carhops and those speakers to order like at sonic today. We planned our escape by having the fellow park between our houses and not starting his car until after we got down the road. Wait, I think it was cherry vodka. Anyway, we told her mom she was staying all night with me, and my parents we were staying at her house. We were quite crafty, we thought. Here is what really happened…

We met the fellow as planned and he proceeded to roll his car down the road until we felt it was safe for him to start his (loud) car. We did it! It was a small victory for kids from a small town. We got to Jerry’s and were drinking our vodka and hanging out.  car pulled into the slot next to us as I was taking a long pull from the vodka. I heard a familiar voice say “Hey kids what’s happening?”. I turned to see my mother, yes, my MOTHER, in the slot next to us. Talk about embarrassing! All my friends saw her too and scattered. Yee haw, thanks mom, now I would be ridiculed at school the following week.

Needless to say, we were way busted. Her mother (my friend’s mom) had seen our car creep by and wondered what was up and who was in it so she called my mom and they figured out our plans. In a small town, you really cannot get away with much.

At our reunion, I heard so many stories about things I did and I confess, I could not remember most of them. Funny thing is, these folks reminding me of them remember them fondly and with that wisp of nostalgia attached. Me? I only seem to remember the ones I got caught doing.

In the end, I got to catch up with a bunch of folks who knew me when. It was fun and enlightening. I thought I was kind of a loner but I guess I had a big circle of friends. Who knew?

I am glad I went. 40 years is a long time and we have all changed so much. Well, except for those few who look like they are still in school. It was fun and truly surprised me to see so many there.

The lesson? Be yourself, have fun and remember things long past. You just might be surprised to find that you had the time of your life in those simpler times.

Naturally Fighting a Flare



I have been trying to flare. Blisters in my mouth, gums and nose. Earache. Fever. Yep, it sure is not good. However, I decided to try holistic healing this time before calling the doctor. Walking the walk, kind of. I looked up natural treatments for earache and how to stop an infection. I found olive oil infused with garlic is antibacterial and can stop an infection. I tried it. I had garlic from my garden that I had peeled and I used olive oil to stabilize it. I had it in the fridge. Yay me!

I put a few drops in my ear and it worked overnight. I mean seriously. My earache was gone by morning. I also looked up blisters and saw that peppermint oil works. Tried it. It worked. I seriously had energy return and blisters healing up and no more earache.

I really am happy that I feel better and saved money that I would have used for the doctor. I see results happening all the time by using the natural medicinals. I have tinctures making right now and a salve inthe works for my son and his psoriatic arthritis.

I hope you are all enjoying your summer. I am canning today, I canned a total of 9 jars of salsa, five more jars of pumpkin, and two jars of green beans. My garden is beginning to get harvested. I love this time of year!

I also was gifted 8 dozen canning jars from a sweet 82 year lady who has stopped canning. She gave them to me for free! What a blessing!

We All Know Someone


We all know that someone. You know, the ones who are so much smarter than everyone else. The know it alls. The ones who jump in quickly to put another person down. The ones who think they are perfect but everyone else is not. Yes, THOSE people.

I am addressing this because it happened yet again today to me. I am finally feeling better. I have had some issues with those nasty mouth and nose blisters again and add in an earache and dizziness. Not been a great week for me. I am finally feeling better and decided to look at my facebook page from my phone. Now, for those who do not have a phone like mine, my phone does not tell me when a post was done. It just shows me the posts. Since my tablet is busted and my computer is in Ohio, I have to wait and share the laptop with my husband. So, I am not online much right now.

I decided to look at my facebook page from my phone. I see a post from my cousin. It was a game and you had to put in 6 numbers. I did. Imagine my surprise when I got a message. The message was not from my cousin, the person who posted it, it was from another person who read my post. I quote her message here, “this post is from yesterday…the game is over!!”.  Now, call me sensitive but I see ugliness there. For starters, it is none of her business. Also, she could have been a little nicer to say the least. I mean, really?

Do you think I was a little sensitive? I just get tired of this person always trying to control or boss people around like it is her world and we peons are here to serve her. Ok, got that off my chest. I sincerely hope you are all doing well. Drop me a comment and let me know how things are in your world.


Summer Time Happenings


Hey there everyone! I hope this finds you all enjoying your summer. We have had a very busy summer here. I thought I would update you on our happenings.

Garden is going great. I have harvested the beets, radishes, potatoes, peas, and more. My tomatoes are on the vine but not red yet. Lots of them happening though. My peppers are going really well as are all my squash plants, Pumpkins, watermelons, butternut squash, cantaloupe and bottle gourds and thriving. I have harvest green beans from my first plant. I sowed my beans a few weeks apart for three plantings. One down, two to go. I have a ton of garlic already harvested and the onions are beginning to need to be harvested. The spinach did great and I am planting more soon for a fall harvest.

My medicinal plants are doing great too. The calendulas are flowering and I am dehydrating the blossoms to use in medicines later. The nasturtium are blooming too. My catnip, lemon balm and horehound are producing really well too. My lavender has not grown much but I did not expect it to this year. Same for the yarrow. Marigolds are hopping. I have been out foraging and have a bunch of elder flowers dehydrated and I am waiting for the berries to form so I can get them too. My sister in law has a bunch of stuff to forage at her place (they have 30 acres, mostly overgrown) At her house I got spearmint and elder flowers, blackberries, purple clover and white clover. She has other interesting things but I do not know what they are so until I find out, not picking them.

I have canned 24 jars so far of potatoes and green beans. I cannot store the potatoes over the winter like most so I am canning them to use later. I am dehydrating some of the garlic and onions to grind into powders for use, plus dehydrating onions to use in soups and stuff later. I have had three zucchinis picked so far. Oh! I am growing yellow squash as well.

We have traveled to Ohio several times this summer already. We went up the first time and husband ended up in the hospital the whole visit. Our granddaughter graduated that visit. I ended up driving home to Kentucky, back to Ohio, back to Kentucky and back to Ohio once more to get him when discharged from hospital. That was my undoing for a week or so. It was the first time I felt lupusy, you know, totally worn out and in pain. However, I got better.

I have been cleaning my mother in laws home every two weeks. She is more or less housebound now and needs someone to do it so I volunteered. She has never gotten her strength back since her colon cancer and treatment. She is also beginning to forget things as well. It is sad seeing those older ones declining in their advanced years.

We went back to Ohio this week. I saw my mom and she is declining as well. She seems fragile and weak. She speaks like it is hard for her to form words. Her voice is soft and breathy. Her memory is going too. Her mother had Alzheimer’s, and I believe she does too but no one will confirm it. In my family, everything has to be kept BIG SECRETS. I do not understand why but it drives me crazy. I asked my sister what was going on and she would not tell me, just insisted I visit mom. I did so my thoughts are she also has it.

In some ways, I have been made to feel like I am not helping my mother out enough. My mom lives in Ohio, I live in Kentucky. I help my mother in law because she has two kids, my husband and sister in law, and she is a widow so she needs help. She lives in Kentucky, same town we do. My mother has a husband, as well as two of my sisters live near her and quite a few grandkids live close too. She should have enough help without me being there. Oh well, it is what it is.

This trip to Ohio had so much stress it was palpable. On the way home, I decompressed and I am so glad I do live here. I like living in the country and having things I enjoy. I like the more safe area here. In Ohio, I and husband are vigilant and make sure we are on guard because it is really bad up there now. Heroin is rampant and with that goes thievery. I felt vulnerable up there. I do not know how I lived there now. Each visit is stressful overall. My kids are so sweet and I am glad to see them but seriously, it is a city and too many people,, too much crime, and too much stress.

Our other adventure involved a sweet little stray cat that had kittens and we found them and took them in until they could get homes. We did not know that mom and babies had fleas. I am not talking about a few either. Our home has been infested and we are still trying to rid our home and cats of the fleas. Our poor kitties have patchy fur where they have scratched so much. Before anyone thinks we are not good pet parents, please know that we treated with ditamacious earth, and wondercide as well as vet flea medicine. I think we are finally getting progress but we have bombe our house three times, heavily, (like three bombs per room) and as I said, used various meds on the cats along with baths. We are winning a little bit daily but now our cats are finally not scratching and the numbers have dwindled in our home. Soon, we hope the fleas are all gone. We seriously used everything we could, chemicals and natural, and still fight each day.  I have had to wash every single piece of clothing and bedding too. It was worth it for the strays but bad for us.

This week we are in the high 90’s temperature wise. High humidity too. It reminds me of Georgia in the summer. I have found that since I am off most of my meds now, and using natural, homemade deodorant, I sweat pretty profusely. I think some of the old meds were hampering my body’s ability to sweat. Our bodies need to sweat so the toxins in our body can be expelled. Other wise, they build up and then we get sick.  I just did not realize how much I sweat though. It surprised me actually.

We have our hot tub up but it has been so hot that we decided not to turn the heater on and use it as a soaking pool on these hot days. Instead of hot tub, we have a cold tub. Trust me, it is wonderful after working in the garden on a 90 degree day. I do not mind getting hot if I know I am getting into the cold tub immediately after.

We are planning on going back to Ohio in September for my 40th Class Reunion. I am pretty sure we will not be going up until then. We have so much to get done here so I do not see us going up anytime soon.

Share your summer activities by commenting. I love the feedback and comments.






Just Today…



Today, I took it easy. I have been going nonstop for a few weeks now and it caught up with me. I must be truthful that this reminded me of how I used to feel before I changed my routine.

So, for today, I rested. I rested by watering my garden, harvesting garlic, harvesting beets and peas, and canned beets and beet greens. There are some who would see this as not resting, but for me, being in my garden is resting. It gives me solace, comfort and makes me feel like I can control a few things in life. It amazes me to see the food growing each day and to be able to watch the glory of a garden in full regalia is wonderful. You see, I see not my handiwork, but God’s. I plant it, but it is God who makes it grow.

Today, I relaxed and enjoyed sitting on the porch, shelling peas. I watched as later this afternoon a storm moved in. We needed the rain. I am thankful for neighbors driving by and waving. It has been a good day.

Tomorrow, lots to do, but today, I rested. It felt wonderful! I hope you take the time to stop and relax and enjoy something for yourself. It is life affirming and can go a long way to getting through more things later. Enjoy!


Road Trip!



This weekend I am on a solo road trip. I am heading north to Ohio! I cannot wait! I get to see my new great grandbaby for the first time and attend my granddaughter’s high school graduation. I get to see my kids, grandkids and great grandbaby in one whole day. I can only stay for one day so I am leaving after the graduation. I am so excited to see everyone. Are you all planning any road trips this weekend?