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I am back in my happy place and for once at peace again. It has been a trying few weeks but I have persevered and made it to the place I am most at ease, by myself, in my happy place. The camper (which is actually a 29 foot travel trailer) is cluttered and still needing cleaning and things to be put away, but time is to be enjoyed here and so the things get done at a pace that is much slower, and I am the one who makes the decisions about what I am going to do and when. It is refreshing, to say the least.



Well, I am sitting here having my morning coffee and awaiting the arrival of my grandson, Cameren. He is going to stay here with me and spend some “alone” time with his meemaw. I love having the kids one on one. It means we get to create special memories. I can concentrate on their own special needs and pay my undivided attention tot hem. Since all of my grands have siblings, it is special indeed when they get to have alone time. There is no competition for anything. They are the universe, and they love it! I love it too! Some of my most cherished childhood memories are of time spent with my “memie” and “poppie” without my other sisters being around. Now, it is my turn to indulge my own grands and make the same types of special memories for them to remember as well.

Anyway, I will add more later this afternoon. It is a chilly morning, and I have to go to town with Cameren when he gets here, but it should get up to around 60 this afternoon so all systems go for fun times. All the cousins will be here and there will be plenty of kids so Cameren will have fun for sure!