Cross’s Campground

I am still camping and today has been so relaxing and unproductive, other than refreshing my soul. I slept until 1:00pm and am already laying back down and it is 7:00 pm! I needed to recharge the batteries and I guess I am!

This has been a beautiful day, with the sun shining and mild temperatures in the 60’s. Not too hot, not too cold. I was sitting at the table outside, reading a book, when a shadow danced across my book and startled me. I looked up into the trees above my head and saw a squirrel running across the branches above my head. If I had not seen his shadow, I may have missed him altogether.

I laid my book aside and watched him frolic from tree to tree. It is so quiet out, during the week here, when no one else is around. The birds were playing swooping games with each other and singing their timeless melodies and the trees here at my campsite are in full bloom regalia of purples and whites and greens! The fragrances are enchanting too. I have little shoots of flowers (that I planted last year) poking out from the dirt and they are about two inches high. I have long forgotten what I planted, so the surprise will be what flowers do indeed show their blooms, when they get big enough! I love surprises like that.

I went for a ride in the golf cart and found a little black dog that someone tied up and left here, poor thing. It is not a friendly little dog either, but my heart went out to it because of the cooler temperatures at night and the fact that I had not seen anyone here to feed it today. I just happened to have dog food, so I went and got it and despite the ferocity of the dog, I fed it. I cannot stand to see a dog neglected like that. Poor thing, was still barking and baring his teeth as I left, but I noticed that the food was gone when I returned. It is sad to think someone tied this little dog outside and left it here to fend for itself until they returned. I mean, if they do not want the dog, give it away, at least it has a chance of getting a good home that way.

I am bedding down for a nice rest after a peaceful day. I hope to get things done tomorrow and then return. I have bills to pay and running to do. I hope things go well.