I had so much fun today! I made chicken parmesan for dinner and had Dennis, Stacey and Gabi for dinner. It was a lot of fun and the baby loved the marinara sauce! Stacey said she must have Italian blood in her. I worked on the camper today and got quite a bit accomplished. I cleared out two totes of things and got other things put away too!

I am now so tired, but a happy tired! I told the kids that my cheeks hurt after being with the baby because I smile so very much. She is a cutie and smiles all the time. She started saying mama too… now she has several words in her repertoire and she carries on quite the conversation when she wants to. We cannot understand her, but we act like we do and she waits for our response then continues with her tales! It is so precious.

I feel blessed to have the grands and the kids. It is the reason I wake up every day and the reason I keep going in pain and frustration. I get sad to think I may not be around when they are older and grown up but I try to fill my time with them and make memories they can keep after I am gone.

I have been thinking about my life lately. I can say that I did not do the things I set out to accomplish in my life when I was younger. That being said, I have accomplished far more than I thought. Looking back on my life, I did so many things, good and bad, yet I have always had love. My children bring light into my life and in turn, their children give me the will to keep on living. I want to leave a legacy of love behind when I am gone and I hope that is what they will remember.

I am truly blessed.