Today is a quiet one after an emotionally and physically exhausting day yesterday. My sil’s mother went missing after an argument with her hubs and we all feared the worst, since sil’s dad is an abuser. After a tense couple of days, a missing persons report, and lots of anxiety, she showed up at her other son’s house and called dd and sil. She asked them to come right away to Findlay, OH. In the interim, the kids brought the grands to the house, where we did the car seat switch so I could take another grand and Miss A to visit their papaw in ky. Mr. C and Miss C went with their Aunt S to the campground so their Uncle D and Aunt S could watch them while I took Miss A and little Gabs to Ky with G-grandma Peggy too. It was a 2 hour trip down and a 2 hour trip back and we stayed a little over an hour to visit. We had a picnic lunch of pizza and chips and then after visiting, we headed back to Oh.

We arrived back tot he campground amid chaos. Mr. C was in fine form as he whined and carried on about missing his mommy. The situation got better when they went to bed and we rested and relaxed while waiting for his parents to return. Around 1 am, dd and sil arrived to pick up the kids and we had everything ready before they woke them up to load them up. Dennis, Stacey and baby Gabs stayed all night.

This morning, we all got up and the kids loaded up and left with the dog Izzy, the baby and themelves. So, I gathered trash up and now am blogging. I will take trash down to dumpster on golf cart then probably take a long nap, followed by doing a little here, a little there and not much of anything. I figure I can get the things together by tomorrow before I return home.

A. comes home from hospital on Tuesday. He is much improved and hopes to continue therapy when he returns. I hope so too.

So. Tired. Need. Nap.

I am hurting from overdoing and feel like crap. I can see lots of resting up for me to overcome the effects of this weekend. Then on Tuesday, I head to ky to pick A. and bring him home.

Take care all and I hope to blog more frequently again now. Got sidetracked with all the changes going on in my life. I am not sure who reads these things but I know it does help me to vent and share. Toodles!