06.23.2010 Doctors visit


Well, I have had two doctors visits in the last two days. First one was yesterday, when I saw my rheumy. He told me that I am indeed in a flare, go figure. He does not want me to continue on the prednisone though. YIPPEE!!! He put me on ultram for the pain and told me to rest and hopefully I will feel better again soon and get this flare under control again.  I sure hope that happens because I am getting tired so much and really need my strength right now. As most of you lupies know, that is when we get our flares it seems, when we need it the most (our energy).

Now on to todays doctor visit. I saw my neuro. I had an emg done to determine the extent of the neuropathy in my legs/feet. He told me that my feet and hands have small fiber neuropathy that does not show well with the emg. He does not doubt it is present though, and that lupus is the culprit for it since I have no other things to cause it. So, continue on my neurontin and off I go.

Did I mention that the emg was very painful? Did I mention that needles going into the muscle is unpleasant? Well, then I won’t say how it felt…lol.

So, the basic things to tell here are that a) I am in a flare and b) I have periphreal neuropathy in my feet/hands and c) I am a mess…

I could have told them that!