Repeat performer worthy of it


This is a repeat perfomance of a blog I posted a few weeks ago, but it bears repeating because it is a topic all of us with chronic diseases have to deal with on a daily basis. I did add more to it so it is not entirely the same post as before. Please read and understand us better… thanks!

It is just another day here in my life. I have had a difficult week. This flare is really causing me pain in my joints and in my head. I have gotten out and tried to do some things this week but the heat is also my enemy. Yeah, I know, I gripe all the time. For you normal people, it would seem that way. For those of us with these diseases though, griping is our way of letting the anger go, the anger that we have these diseases, they are incurable, and we have to live with them.

This anger we feel, because some people misunderstand our pain for laziness, and think we want to get the attention. That is not true at all! We are genuinely ill and with no cure, we are facing the rest of our lives with uncertainty. The wars raging on the inside of our bodies are not visible on the outside but they are still there, causing pain and discomfort.

So, do not judge us, please try to understand us. We cannot “buck up” and overcome our fatigue, pain and disease. If we do that, we are setting ourselves up for a backlash from our bodies. To a degree we can buck up, but the results are often days of pain following. We have had to learn to listen to our bodies cues, and if it says rest, we rest. If we are able to participate, we do that as well. We make plans knowing that we may or may not be able to follow through with them.

So please, try to understand and do not pressure us to do things or think we are less because we cannot do certain things on certain days. We feel bad enough without judgment from others. You see, stress can tilt the cart over even faster because we are made to feel inferior. Please listen, read and try to use empathy when dealing with us. We want to do the things others can do! We wish we could do things when we want to do them! It just is not possible to do it all the time.

We kick ourselves enough for our own inadequacies, we do not need another person kicking us too.  Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully understand a little better why I may not do all things YOU think I should and can do.