Hot times and cool times


The title for this post comes from the fact that today was the hottest one of the year so far, yet we were cool to the point of cold at the Nutter Center today.  Until we left that is. Here is the story…

Today was the beginning of our spiritual weekend. You see, we were to attend the district convention for three days starting today. The convention is held in Dayton at the Nutter Center. After all the plans were made, we went to bed and were looking forward to the wonderful spiritual food we were to receive.

We arrived at the Nutter Center early enough to get really great seats. We made it through the first break and then hubs started feeling bad. He went up to the hallway to get some air and I followed him. I asked him how he felt and he told me it didn’t matter, because he would not ruin it for us (his mother and me). After some discussion, I told him that we could go home because we have next weekend that we can attend what we miss this weekend.

You see, I have been the cause of us missing assemblies and convention dates myself. With lupus, it can be unpredictable and so despite the best of intentions and readiness, sometimes it still will overcome me and I cannot stay. To tell the truth, I was beginning to hurt myself so it was a decision in both of our best interests.

We all came home and I tell you what, we all headed to bed and slept. You would think none of us had had any sleep. We woke up and ate a meal then basically, back to bed again.

We did hear some really good information in the morning part of the program though. I liked the part where the discussion was on Abraham and his desire to obey God even if it meant sacrificing his son to do so. Though God intervened before Abraham could actually kill Isaac, in God’s eyes it was as good as done. Why would Abraham be willing to do this? He knew of God’s previous actions from his studies of the holy writings. He personally had an intimate relationship with God and the Bible actually tells us that God called Abraham “friend”. He also knew of the hope for a resurrection of his son and believed that even if he had to kill Isaac, God had promised that Abraham would become the father of a nation through Isaac, so he had faith that even if Isaac died, God would resurrect him miraculously to fulfill His promise. He did not doubt. He knew it would happen in some way because God cannot lie. His faith was strong enough to allow him to do as he was commanded to do.

How hard would that be for us? Can you imagine? Abraham is an excellent source to look to when thinking about the type of faith we need today. He believed, and knew that God’s promises would be fulfilled. We can do the same today.

I thoroughly enjoyed this talk and it helps me to see how I need to strengthen my faith to be more like Abraham and Jesus, because they imitated their Holy Father, Jehovah, and left us a model to follow closely. I hope I can do the same by following their footsteps and becoming more Christ like.

In the end, even though we came home early, we were fully fed with the talks we did get to hear. It is good to reflect on them and meditate on them so I can apply them in my life.

What rich blessings indeed!