The Best and Worst of times


This was a busy weekend for me. You could say it was the best of times and the worst of times. As you read on, you will see what I am saying.

I got to see some cousins I had not seen for a long time and catch up on their lives. One of my cousins I had not seen for some 30 years! It was amazing how we all just jumped in and had fun sitting on the front porch and reminiscing about stories from the past. Unfortunately, it was also a very sad time. You see, my cousin has had a son pass away in May. He was 30. He was working in Afghanistan for a private firm after having served in the Army as a Ranger. He was killed by an IED. We did nto know about it despite the fact it was in the paper and on the news. You see, we do not get a paper and we try not to watch the news if we can help it. Needless to say, the afternoon was filled with laughter and tears by all. This was on Saturday afternoon.

Saturday night found me at JD Legends in Franklin. It was the second annual All Class Reunion where aanhyone who graduated from franklin was welcome to come and hang out and see old friends and classmates. Now, for someone my age (50) it was great to meet up with old friends. I tell you I had a blast! There were former teachers there as well as some really older grads as well. The younger crowd was well respresented too. They want this to be an annual event held on the last Saturday of July every year.

There was something surreal about going to a class reunion and hanging out with your grown daughter. You see, she graduated from Franklin too and was there to meet some of her old classmates as well. In the end she sat around with her old mom and mom’s friends.

I took pictures at each of these events and posted them on my Facebook page. I tried to tag anyone who has an account, but did not get all of them tagged.

So my Saturday filled my whole weeknd with good times and sad times, but it was good.