Essential Telangiectasia


Essential Telangiectasia, something I had never heard of until recently. What is it, you may ask. Here is the definition: Telangiectasia: A cluster of dilated blood vessels on the skin’s surface. While this may sound innocuous at first glance, here is how it has manifested in me…I have purple feet. Yes, Purple feet. I thought it had to do with the periphreal neuropathy in my feet at first. On closer examination, this appears to be the main culprit. You see, when I looked up the phrase “purple feet” this is what I was directed to. And lo and behold, guess what is number four ont he list of diseases associated with causing it? You guessed it I am sure! LUPUS!

I will say that I do have pain from the neuropathy. The coloration, however, is definitely strange. I have had two people notice it in the last two days. Literally tell me, “Your feet are purple”. While neuropathy can cause a change in color, it is not as pronounced as this is. I mean, I could have been stomping grapes from the looks of it!

The onset has been gradual, I have seen it changing over the last month. It does not matter that it is hot or cold outside, the color stays the same. I have bouts with Raynauds in the winter time, but this is different for sure! I get bluish white from that. This is decidedly purple.

So, now the next doctors visit, I need to discuss this newest item on my list. From all accounts, it is not terrible other than people looking at you funny. I guess it is yet another thing to add to the list. I hate “The List”. It gets longer and longer all the time and I am getting more upset all the time!

Guess I will stop and count my blessings instead though… I have beautiful grandchildren who I adore and three kids that I love always and a husband who is my best friend… more importantly, I have a close relationship with God and for these things, I am grateful and blessed…purple feet and all!