8.31.2010 doctors visit


Today I finally made it to the doctors office. I should have gone a few weeks ago but due to extenuating circumstances, was unable to get there until today.  I have really been needing this visit because of all the pain lately and the stress too. Anyhoo, to begin with, the doctor upped my pain meds and put me on a muscle relaxer to help me sleep and also with the spasms in my back.

So, now I will try them and see if it works. If not, I am seeing him again in a few weeks and we can reevaluate at that time.

On the plus side, when I got home, my littlest grand was here. She met me with a huge three tooth smile and waving her hand. That is good medicine for me. I mean, a smile from a baby is always a good thing!

I guess that is it for now. Hate to post an entry that is so short but I promise that tomorrow I will do better. Have sweet dreams tonight and pain free days always!