Happy Camper


This weekend I went camping with my baby sister. We have had a blast! You see, my sister was afraid that I would be bored, and I was afraid that she would get bored. In essence we discovered that we both are people who love to just sit and relax and enjoy the peace and quiet and tranquility. Go figure.

Basically, all that we did all weekend was sit around, read, ride the golf cart around the campground, visit with neighbors, sit, eat, and talk. It has been a refreshing weekend. No pressures, no hassles.

I have been needing this for sure. I have been in serious pain for the last little bit. I saw my doctor this week and he adjsuted my meds and it seems to be working. I am getting good solid rest and iy ishelping me overall to be able to function at a higher level than when the pain was so intense. I am also not so grumpy. Pain makes me grumpy and short with everyone and I hate being like that. So I am thankful that with the pain somewhat in check I am able to enjoy the time at the camper with my sister and laugh about the old times and old friends.

I hope this post finds everyone as pain free as possible and enjoying the last few warm days before the chill of winter enters back. Toodles!