Sleepless in Ohio


Well, here it is, 2:50 am and even though I am so tired that I want to sleep, I cannot fall asleep. I have lain in bed for hours now, trying to do just that, fall asleep. The cruelty of this conundrum is that the more tired I get, the less likely it seems that I will be able to fall asleep.

So, in an effort to get some sleep… I have taken the new med. Now I am sitting here waiting for it to take effect. Two sleepless nights in a row have made me grumpy and causing me to have pain in my joints and even to the point of my arms feeling so heavy that it is painful to lift them over my head.  You lupies out there will understand that statement. It is where your arms have this aching in them like you feel when you are coming down with the flu and your body is achy, only magnify it several times and you got how I am feeling.

Ok, so maybe I am whining a bit. However, I WANT to sleep! I NEED to sleep! So, even if I sleep until tomorrow, I took my pill. Two sleepless nights in a row is ridiculous. Hopefully, I can get this straightened out and go back to my somewhat dysfunctional life again.

I am not sure if I have said this but my youngest son has boomeranged back home. I am in the process of getting my craft/scrapbooking room made into a bedroom for him. It is pink, but I cannot change that since I just painted it last month. I am glad he is home, he has been so depressed about the split up with my granddaughters mother and now he has lost his job as well. I hope we can lift his spirits and help him get his feet back on the ground by encouraging him to look for a job and save his money to get an apartment. That is what we parents do… help out our kids. The older they get, it just costs more to help them out is all. This son is 27.

We are getting the hosue in order I hope soon. This thing about boxes being stacked in each room is killing me. The chaos and disorder are killing me. I keep getting hurt because of all the things stacked in every place imaginable. I hope that this weekend we can get more stuff to storage and clear out more space to be able to walk and move about with out bumping int o boxes or knocking things over all the time. Once we get all of my mil’s things to storage, then it will be time to get our stuff out of storage and move it into the house. I have fogotten the things that I ahve so it will be like opening treasures again to move them in here. I cannot wait!

I guess that is it for now. I am hoping to go to a scrapbook convention this weekend with some friends. Maybe do some shopping. I hope I can go, I need a break. Until then, I will keep posting about the things that happen here and hope that it may help someone out there in web world. Toodles!