Go Away Wolf!


Hi everyone! I am amazed by how many people are actually reading my blog! It makes me realize that even when this blog is negative (like me on bad days), it is still able to reach out and touch someone else who may have similar issues. That is the very reason I started this blog and I am glad it is appreciated by the readers.

The title of this post is “Go away wolf!”. For you fellow lupies out there, you will understand what I am saying. For those who do not understand, I will explain. Lupus is another name for wolf. Actually, the definition for lupus is this:

 (Miriam-Webster dictionary

: any of several diseases characterized by skin lesions; especially : systemic lupus erythematosus

Origin of LUPUS

Middle English, from Medieval Latin, from Latin, wolf

First Known Use: 14th century
As you can see, the origin of the word is latin and it means wolf.  So, I am telling the wolf (aka lupus) to go away!
This began because as I tried to get out of bed this morning, I was not able to. I gave up and went back to sleep, only to wake up later (like noonish) when my hubs told me to get up. I did, but slowly. I went about some business and then went back to bed again. There I rested until I had to get up again.
It is painful as well. My joints are throbbing in pain while my head was aching and my stomach was even in on it by being nauseous. Yup, a red alert day for sure! I think (well, duh) that I may have overdone it yesterday when I did the dishes, laundry and painted the bathroom and vanity. My fingers are hurting particularly badly and so I have been avoiding using them until now. I am going to put an ice pack on them in bed.
I am having a hard time pacing myself and this time it bit me in the butt. I am completely out of spoons and in dire need of more for tomorrow. It is my hope that I will be rested and able to function again tomorrow.  You would think that I would figure out NOT to overdo it since I do try to “listen” to my body. However, we are sooo trying to get this house whipped into shape and it is killing me while all the stuff in piled around me. Enter Superlupus Jennifer, aka me. When it gets overwhelming, I go overboard. I try to knock out all that I can in one day. It never fails that I get paid back for doing it too. One of these days, I will learn.
Now I am medicated and getting ready to go off to bed again, this time for the night. The insomnia seems to have left me for the time being and now I am in the other direction, sleeping full time. I wish for one “normal” day every once in a while. When I get one, they sneak in and then about half way through the day I realize I feel great. Maybe tomorrow, oh well, I digress…
I hope you all have a pain free day and are surrounded by those who are supportive! I am hoping for one for myself as well… selfish me…