Great day!


Hello everyone! Today was a great day! Truly! It started by waking up and going to the Walk for Lupus Now walk. Once there, my son and dil came with the baby, my mother came with another granddaughter and I saw old friends I met last year. It was a lot of fun! I also was so happy because we made our team goal of $250! Woot woot! We were $40 short before the walk started and then son and dil gave that and we made it!

I have so many people to thank for the success! We had encouragement from many who donated money to the cause! We also had none who were committed to walking on our team. While some were not able to keep their committment because of very valid reasons, others stepped up to fill the void and we had a great time! It is encouraging to me to see that my grandchildren are being taught by example to give and help others. This powerful lesson can be taught without actions but it means so much more when they see examples of others who are giving of themselves as well.

On that note, I am blessed indeed! Last year, four of my grands walked with me. Also last year, three of those same grands grew their hair and gave it to Locka of Love. They do that every time they grown their hair out. My grand who was walking today is only five and yet she knew to wear her purple outfit and she remembered that only lupus patients wear the lupus hats! I tried to get her to wear mine (since I was not walking) and she told me that since I have lupus, I needed to wear it! From the mouths of babes… she also raised $55 which meant she got a tshirt, a bracelet and a car magnet! She did not know it until they gave them to her! She was so proud and happy!!!

On another positive note, last year we had 17 patients attending the walk and this year we had 25!  The word is getting out and not only do these people get input and support about the disease from others at the walk, but they find out where the support groups are in their area and other resources available to them. It is not good that we are increasing in numbers but it shows there are many more out there!

Sadly, one incident did mar the day. One of the friends of several  people there got lost and stopped at a restaurant in Blue Ball  (named Mom’s) to ask for directions. She was not only completely ignored but blatantly so. You see, she is african american and it appears that the folks at this particular establishment are prejudiced and went out of their way to get her to leave. She cried and we were ready to go back and see what the problem had been. In this day and age, it still shocks me that this kind of behavior is still out there. That is why I put the name of the restaurant and the location right here. No one, and I mean no one, should ever have this kind of treatment in this day and age!!!!

I did not walk. Unfortunately, my lymph nodes in my neck and under my arms are swollen and painful. My mouth is so sore (from sores) that I am unable to eat anything but soft foods. I am also running a bit of fever and really so tired that I can barely function. Yet, after the walk, I drove three hours to Ky. to bring my sil her car back. I am in bed as I write this, medicated (which explains any typos) and in pain from my fingers to my feet and to my mouth and in between. Was the walk worth it? YES! I may be in bed for a few days or so but in the end, I feel a sense of accomplishment in getting our goals met and the walk done!  

My sil and bil are such sweeties and they know I need to rest. I am enjoying their hospitality until we return home. In the interim, my son is house and animal sitting and enjoying HIS time alone! It is nice to not worry about things.

That is it for today! Now, I get to start fund raising for next year! The more I can get done, the more we can raise! Thanks to each and every one who helped in any way to make today the success it was! I am truly blessed!