It’s official, I have sold out…



Campground in trailer

Hello fellow lupies and friends! I am writing this from the campground, in my warm bedroom. I am enjoying a nice night in the campground, relaxing and doing a whole bunch of nothing. My home away from home, my happy place.

When I was younger, I was a tent camper only. I told my kids that I would never sell out and own a trailer with running water, comfy beds and air conditioning/heating. Those people were not really camping, I said in my bravado.

Ah, the ignorance of youthful declarations. I now own a 29 foot travel trailer that has all the modern conveniences, including those listed earlier. Did I sell out? I prefer to think that I grew up. When you get to be my age (50), you find sleeping on the ground to be an uncomfortable experience.

You see, our bones creak now, the ground has grown harder (I swear it has), I cannot get up from the ground without help most times, and going to the bathroom several times a night are not conducive to a relaxing experience for me anymore. Add the waking up to find your miniscule air mattress has deflated and you have to wake up the entire campground refilling it and then you add the pain all day from not being warm and also the lack of sleep, you are now not enjoying the experience anymore.

Let’s face it, I sold out for comfort. My kids are now grown with kids of their own and they all tent camp. They take great delight in reminding me how I asserted never to own a trailer. Ah, the foolishness of their age. When they are my age, I see them in travel trailers too. When their bones ache, they will appreciate the comfort of a queen size bed. When they are cold, they will appreciate the central heating. On those hot summer nights, they will enjoy the feel of the cool, crisp sheets on their beds and the rush of cool air from the a/c. Do not even mention the full bathroom with shower and hot water. Ah, the comforts we enjoy now.

So, I am writing this in the comfort of my trailer, with the furnace on since it is in the 40’s tonight. In the morning, I will brew hot coffee and enjoy a hot breakfast cooked on my stovetop. I an wash my dishes in hot water in the sink and drain it afterwards (not lugging a heavy plastic tub to dump somewhere). I can then sprawl about sipping coffee and reading a good book. I think comfort is much more relaxing than tenting. Yes, it is official, I have sold out, but oh, it was so worth it!