Spoke too soon


Yes, I did it again. I spoke too soon. I was in such a great mood and felt so good that I did a bunch of things today. Guess what happened next? For starters, it started raining. Rain is a good thing but with the cold front, it brings more pain and believe me, I am feeling it. Next I started feeling like I was coming down with something and found my lymph nodes are swollen again. Add my hair is falling out and you can see the wolf is punishing me for today.

I hope that tomorrow will be much improved. I am making my mind up that I will have a great day tomorrow! The mindset of thinking positive definitely helps. I have a question though….do other lupies feel like this when it rains? That would be a nice poll question. Ok, will make the poll then and see what the concensus  is among those of us with lupus.

So for now I will just post this short note. Have a great night everyone and think positive so our days are quality!