It’s official


Well, it is official… we have the flu in our house. Oh joy! I have had this scratchy throat and earache along with headaches and nasal drainage. Now today, hubs has vomiting and fever/chills. Well, he has one manifestation and I have another but the bottom line is that we are both sick now.

Don’t you just hate it when you are already feeling like crap and then another thing comes down the pike? Why does it seem to always be that way? It is not important right now but it does seem to be the norm around our house.

I am unable to take the flu vacine because of the benlysta I am taking (the drug trial I am in for a new lupus drug). Hubs could take it but doesn’t. So, we are now going to feel the wrath of it.

Sorry for the short post but I will try to post more tomorrow. Thanks and have a great day!