Decisions, decisions


Today was one of those days where you think about things in your life and how to change them for the better. It requires me to make decisions about a few things, but the one I will discuss here is my doctors. I adore my family practitioner very much. She is awesome and never makes you feel like you are stupid when you ask questions.

I am currently in process with my neurologist. In other words, he is still new to me but so far I have been impressed with his manner and decisions in my care. He is doing tests and making sure of the things and how to deal with them. I like that,

My rheumatologist is a nice man. He is also the doctor for my clinical trial I am on (benlysta, soon to be approved). I like him. There is one flaw in the equation though. He seems reluctant to help me in the pain department. So now I have to make a decision. I actually have had three different people tell me I need to go to a pain clinic. These people know me well and after discussing my issues with them, they agreed that maybe I need a new doctor. I really do not want to leave this rheumatologist, however, I may take the advice of these folks and go to a pain clinic for help with my pain.

You see, my rheumy is treating me for depression, but I am not sure he realizes that I am depressed because I am in so much pain right now. I mean seriously, in pain. If you add in the toxic fatigue and everything else, I am in a flare and need help here. I truly believe that if I got the pain meds to help with the pain, I may not be depressed. The pain makes me be a pain. When I am in pain, I am grouchy, grumpy, and depressed because I do not want to be in pain.

Now I need to make an appointment at the pain clinic and see what happens. I will update when I go.

Have any of you had issues like this before? I really could use some feedback from others who have experienced this as well. Thanks!