Autoimmune diseases and the facts


I just wanted to post that I am in the process of finding out imformation about these many diseases. In my research, I try to find the parent web sites so I can find the most pertinent information to share. I always cite the reference work I use here on my blog. If you are reading the information and need more than I post, please go to the pages I cite or talk to your doctor. Please be an advocate for your own health and if you think you may have one of these diseases, by all means see your doctor and check it out.

I post the information to educate those who are interested and to spread awareness about all the different autoimmune diseases that are out there. Sure, they may not have a famous face or big organization to help the folks with the disease, but that does not mean they are not worthy of discussion. Please read and learn and talk to others. The more we discuss these things, the more we can learn.

Thanks for reading and if you have suggestions for topics, please let me know.