What a week it has been so far…


Ok, this is one of my personal posts. The last seven days have been an exercise in fluctuating emotions and symptoms. I have had good days and bad days. The good ones I accomplished much. The bad days were spent in bed, in pain, and severe fatigue. I have noticed the pain is getting progressively worse. It is a scary feeling, entering into painful waters on this journey of the wolf.

I have got an appointment at the pain clinic but I have to wait until December. I will update when the time comes. I am also waiting for the results of my tests from the neurologist. I am taking the path that no news is good news. I am not sure how much I can deal with right now.

On my good days, I have done much housework and other chores that wait for my good days. I closed the trailer up for the winter, with the help of my son. I also washed the dishes. We do not have a dishwasher, unless you can say it is me. It is amazing how the dishes stack up and wait for me to do them. 

So, that is that. I am getting really upset about trying to feel better when my body will not cooperate. In my head, I am fit and able to do much. In my body, I am like an eighty year old who can only do so much and must take naps. Who knows what tomorrow brings? I am keeping cautiously optimistic that it will be wonderful tomorrow! Thanks for listening to the boring moan from me. Have a great day and hope it is pain free!


2 thoughts on “What a week it has been so far…

    • Thanks Dan! I have highs and lows and lately have been low more than high. It is encouraging to know others are out there and reading this. Thank you so much and I appreciate your kind words very much!

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