hmm, I wonder …


Have you ever sat down and thought, “I wonder…” and let your thoughts take flight? I have. I like to think things like, “I wonder what would happen if I were not sick” or “I wonder what my grandchildren will be like when they are adults?”. Wondering about things is perfectly normal and can actually help you out if you use them to objectively look at things from a variety of angles.

These musings help me to get through the tough days when I cannot do anything. They sustain me when I am low. They lift me up in my imaginings of the future and hope for peace and love. Ok so some are good and some are not so good but it is the hope of what can be that makes you follow onward each and every day.

When you woke up this morning what kind of day did you expect? Did it meet your expectations? Do you see things in a positive manner or do you expect the worst when you wake up?

I heard a story about a family who moved to a new area and went to the church and asked one of the members what kind of people attended there. The man replied with a question. He said, “What were the people like in your last congregation?”. The family replied that they were not friendly and seemed like they could care less  about others in the congregation. The man then told them, “It is like that here too”. That same day another new family arrived and asked this same man the same question about what the people were like who attended there, and he replied the same as he had with the other family. He asked them, “What were the people like in your last congregation?. This family replied that the congregation had been friendly, caring and generous with their love. The man then told them, “It is like that here too”. 

How could this man say these things about the same congregation? Well, it depended on the perceptions of the new families, you see. Obviously, the first family had negative impressions and perceptions before they even met the congregation so it was pretty good thought that they would find fault in the congregation no matter what happened. 

Now, the second family has a positive attitude about life in general and know that God‘s servants are not perfect. Due to this attitude, they look for the good qualities in the congregation and not the negatives. That is what they would find in the new congregation as well, kind people who live as Christ-like as they are able in this time of the end we live in.

Now, a question to ask yourself is which family am I like? Am I a negative person or a positive one? How do I view those in my congregation? Do I always try to find the imperfections in those around me or do I look for positive attributes, knowing that we are all sinners and struggle to live Godly lives in the face of Satan’s world?

It is something to think about for sure…food for thought…