Marta’s Story of Autoimmune Disease


This is a friend of mine, Marta, and her story. It is short but shows there are so many out there with similar stories. Thank you Marta for sharing your story and helping others. Feel well today and hope your tomorrows are as pain free as possible!

Marta’s Story

I have fibromyalgia. My cousin has lupus. All of these autoimmune diseases are difficult to live with yet that is what we do each and every day. Despite the side effects we strive to continue our lives as normally as possible. Unfortunately, when our bodies have done all they can, the stress of everyday life takes its toll and we are forced to rest. I am as normal as I can be and although I am in daily pain I prefer to keep in motion and never give in. May The Lord Bless All with of us with the strength to continue, love from our family and friends, and support from those who care for us.