Walking in a Winter Wonderland


Ok, so the title is a bit misleading. If you see me walking in the snow, odds are it is an emergency of some kind or not by choice. Winter is brutal this year for me. Most of the time, when the cold hits I feel it at least a little. Some days more than others. This winter is different in that every time I go out, I pay for at least a day or so. How? In pain, that awful joint pain that throbs and makes you wish you could just cut off the offending member. Ok, so that is a bit on the dramatic side, I admit, however it does hurt like the dickens and makes you a bit on the crazy side. One of the saying I use at times like this is, “I am a pain, when I am in pain”. Don’t say I did not warn you!

The reason for this title is that here where I live, we are expecting a major snowstorm beginning tonight and going through Monday. Blowing and drifting snow will make it hard to travel as well as the snowfall amounts. So basically, I am housebound. Oh, I have all the necessities of life here, don’t get me wrong. I just mean that I cannot go out into the snow.

You see, I have osteoporosis in my spine from the steroids usage for the lupus. Yes, pick your poison, do you want to live, albeit with fragile bones, or just wing it and hope for the best? Well, I went with the steroids and they really do help. They also really have serious side effects, like osteoporosis among others. That means when it gets slippery outside, I stay inside. I like my hips and spine just the way they are thank you. One slip and fall and  I could be laid up for a long time!

So, when you are out and about in the winter wonderland, remember to enjoy it. There are those of us who would love to be out there and having snowball fights, making snow angels and such but we know our own fragilities and watch from the windows. We do not want pity. We just want understanding and empathy. It is not easy being different and watching others have fun. The alternative though, is the possible fracturing of bones and more pain. We want to survive to see another snowfall, watch another grandchild grow, and feel alive. In the future, please be more respectful of us. We do not want to be different, we just are.