Hi everyone! I would like to first of all say thank you to all of you who are making this blog such a success! It amazes me that anyone would want to read this blog. Thank you to those who do and it really makes me feel validated and hopefully it is helps one person in some small way to see what we lupies go through.

Now on to the venting part of this blog. If you do not want to hear it, now is the time to stop reading. I am really upset this evening. This has been building for some time but I have reached th epoint that I am ready to vent about it.

Have you ever met a person who is intent on putting you down no matter what? I have. This person is always asking me things like, “why do you take so much medicine” and “do all of your doctors know how much medicine you are taking?”. This evening, the question was “do your doctors know you take benadryl?”. I know, this doesn’t sound that bad, but it is most every day. I am being questioned about all kinds of things like this.

Ok, I admit I am taking a lot of medicines. The plain fact is though, that I am on far less medications than I have been in the past at times. I am only on about six medications right now, plus some over the counter meds and ALL of my doctors are aware of what I am taking. I have a medical TEAM that send each other updates so they are all on the same page in my health care.

The inherent implication in these questions is that this person thinks I should not be taking all these meds. Now, let me tell you something about this person. This person takes four medications and numerous vitamins and supplements. All told, probably eight to ten different pills a day, maybe more. So why the interrogation every day in some way?

This same person also ridicules me and tries to put me down each time I open my mouth or do something. Fault finding is the order of each day around this person. It is wearing thin.

While I may be sensitive to the put downs, it is not saying a lot about the person doing it. I am so thankful my husband is being such a big support for me during this. I have discussed it with him and he is running interference when needed and giving me major backup when I am around this person.

Why not just avoid this person you may ask? Truth is, I cannot. It is an unfortunate circumstance to be sure, but sometimes it builds up and I find I want to vent. So, there is the negativity I am releasing.

I wish people would just realize that it is bad enough to have to live with this disease or any other chronic disease and we do not need to be belittled or harrassed about it. I think if I can get up every day and deal with it, then these types of people need to learn to mind their own business and shut up. Nuff said…