Two Steps Forward, One back


Ok, so yesterday I was feeling like nothing could stop me and I felt better than I have in a long time! I had two good days! What an incredible blessing! I woke up today and felt a little more pain but shrugged it off and went full speed into the day.

Now, here I sit, in my recliner, and feeling terrible. Ok, so I spackled the ceiling in the kitchen today, put up some wallpaper in the hallway, and that is when it went south. I started shaking, cold sweat and completely fatigued. I HAD to lay down. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

I guess I might have overdone it a little. In my defense, I had not felt this good for a long time so I made hay while the sun was shining. Unfortunately, I should have paced myself. There I said it! I admitted I might have overdone it.

Now here I sit, in my recliner, paying the price. I hope that tomorrow I will feel good again. If not, I did get quite a lot done for those two days I was feeling good. So, two steps forward one step back is much better than no steps forward!