A Simple “Thank You” Would Be Enough


As the title implies, many of us do many things for others and yet do not hear these words. In some instances, we do not expect them. In others, it would be nice to know we are appreciated. We could do some small thing or some large thing, but no matter what, those two words can make a big difference!

The same principle applies to other thigns as well. For example, if you ask, pay attention and listen to someone else’s issues, it would be nice to have the same thing done in return. Like it says in the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Sadly, it does not happen though.

Too often these days, people are too self absorbed to deal with anything other than themselves. It really is a shame. Life is found in many of the “thank you’s” in this world. Be reaching out to others and in return giving of yourself, you experience the wonderful feeling of empathy and understanding. If you do not, you find yourself isolated and apart from those around you.

How refreshing, then, to find other people who genuinely listen and care. They show empathy. They listen, really listen, to you and care enough to give advice and loving support in return. They freely give so that others may know it is worth living. These people are support groups, individuals who are sufferring from the same or different diseases than you, but give of themselves freely so you can cope with your issues today. In return, you do the same for them when they need it. You all know who you are! It is a rare commodity indeed today and for those who do this I have two words…”THANK YOU!” These people have made my life easier to deal with, given me hope, shared their experiences with me and shown me I can do this thing called life. Somehow, two words do not seem enough. Thank you all from my heart.