Balancing Act


I am a bit sore and bruised today. The reason? Last night I fell in my bedroom. Why I could not fall onto the bed is beyond me but I hit the floor pretty hard and yes, it hurt. I found I actually got my foot caught in the comforter as I rounded the corner of the bed. Go figure!

Lately, I am always running into things, bumping things, and basically getting hurt a lot. I cannot walk down the hallway without an “ouchie”. Seriously. Not a thing can be in the hallway and yet I can find a way to literally walk into the wall or trip over my own two feet in some way. It seems that my balance is off for some reason or another.

I have had ear infections in my past and I have to wonder if that could be the cause of some of this. I have no ear pain though, so I do not think that could be the reason. I have not heard of anything lupus related to cause this, although I am sure if there is, someone will enlighten me. I tell you, there should be a law against being this clumsy. Especially since I have osteoporosis and it  could potentially be ugly when I fall.

I have also been talking to other lupies who have said they fall down too! Maybe there is something in this after all. A friend of mine said maybe we could wrap ourselves in bubble wrap…yes, maybe…hey we could make a fashion statement in bubbles!

For now, I am going to go slower and take it more carefully so I do not get any more “ouchies”. I will tell you if it helps!