I am still here!


Ok, I admit it, I have been a little lazy lately about blogging. To be fair, I have had issues that have contributed to the fact that I have not posted. We have had lousy weather, I am flaring, the days get away from me and well, sometimes I just plain do not feel like posting because I am down and think no one really wants to know.

Our lives get so caught up in the minute details that we tend to forget the big picture. I am guilty of that. As I have stated before, I am in hibernation mode. That statement is not a joke. It is my reality in winter. I do not get out of the house because of the pain that is usually generated by the cold.  Yes, I am in pain. I take something for that.

I have been online but even lost interest in my games I play. Loss of interest is a sign of depression. Yes, I have depression. I take something for it.

Interestingly enough, I have set up a mini desk in my bedroom so I can be in bed and still get “out” online. Having a laptop certainly helps with this. My husband has helped me get it set up. He is a sweetie pie. Oops, don’t tell him I said that because he would be embarrassed. He would want me to say something like, “He is a man’s man, tough, gritty, and pure male”. When I give him the cutesy lines, he gets flustered. I like to fluster him a lot.

I am rambling a bit but I guess this post is about the realities of getting older and having a chronic, incurable disease. Among other things, that is.

I have so many wonderful friends and in this post, I want to say thanks to them for their loving support, care and generosity. When others go out of their way to make you feel better, they deserve commendation. I have so many that are like that. Blessings. They may not realize they are blessings, but to do the things they do and then not realize the importance of it, is the mark of a great friend who gives of themselves freely. 

It is not hard to do these sorts of things. It may be an email asking about me, or just a phone call letting me know what is going on out there in the “world”. When I feel isolated is when I get really depressed so it is nice to hear about the lives of others and feel a part of life. Many of you make me laugh with some of your statuses on Facebook. Laughter is a sure fire way to stop depression in its tracks.

I guess what it comes down to is I am surrounded by many people who have given me so much value as a person just by being themselves. If you have these things, you are blessed indeed. Thank you each and every one.