Question: Does a person with lupus get sicker when a common cold arises


Yes, the patient with Lupus can get sicker with commom cold.Adenovirus has an adverse effect on the respiratory diseases. If you get infected with both the germs your condition will indeed get worse.

This question is from the website I am sharing it for those of us who have this cold/flu going on. Of course, please consult your heathcare provider because they are the ones familiar with you and your disease process. I am not a doctor, so please use this as informational only.


5 thoughts on “Question: Does a person with lupus get sicker when a common cold arises

  1. terrie flynn

    Thank you Jen. I will talk with my doctor. I haven’t taken much medication, I would like to try some natural remedies first. I don’t know if that is wise.


  2. terrie

    I have systemic lupus, and have had bouts with colds that my co-workers seem to shake off pretty quickly. I however cannot seem to get over even a common cold. I can’t afford to go to the doctor each time I get sick.

    • I am glad you asked Terrie. I havc a doctor who is aware of the fact that I also cannot go to the office as much as I need to. We have worked out a compromise. I now have a prescription for antibiotics to use ONLY if necessary. We lupus patients are much more vulnerable to infections because of the immunosuppresants we take for lupus. If you are able to, use a mask at work when those around you are sick. I carry hand sanitizer and use it whenever I am in contact with surfaces others have touched. Another thing I do is whenever I have been to the grocery or shopping, the first thing I do when I get home is wash my hands thoroughly. It is preventative but it works. If you talk to your doctor the next time you go in, explain your situation and ask if you can work out a way to get help without coming in each time. Many doctors will work with you. I hope this helps.

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