Today our temps were int he 60’s. Yes, the 60’s in February! We better enjoy it because I have a feeling that this will not last long. This is what we call the teaser, when we get that warmer weather and think spring is around the corner. Thats what we get for thinking. I can almost guarantee we will have at least one more bout of winter before spring gets here.

I did try to get out and enjoy it though. I have been in bed for a few days (don’t ask, not good) and decided I had to get out and get some things. I went to Wal-mart and did a couple of things and then wham! I left and had to make one more stop but I could do it from the drive through so I did that and came home again. I loved feeling the wind in my hair and the warmer temps but my treacherous body did not cooperate. I barely made it home but when I did, I was back in bed again.

Ya know, I am so over this lupus thing. It can leave now and go away forever. I know it is hard for some to understand that I got out and had to come home. When you factor in getting ready to go out, then walking around walmart, and all that, I expended more energy than I have in some time. No, I am not lazy. I do not choose to be in bed. In this, some days I have no choice.

So I did get out and enjoy the warm air blowing through my hair. It was fantastic! I think if it is nice tomorrowI might go sit on the swing out front and enjoy it that way so I don’t get run down so fast. I hope everyone is enjoying their days and feeling pain free!