Busy week ahead…


This week is a rare one for me. I have things planned for each day. It is unusual for me. In fact, since I medically “retired”, I am hard pressed to think of weeks where I have things each day to do. I am sure I have had them, I just cannot call them to mind right now.

My week began today with a visit to my rheumatologist for bloodwork (yay, not!), urine sample, and the once over. All things have remained the same so I guess I will live for a bit more…lol. Tuesday I am heading out to several venues to discuss fundraising for my Lupus Walk in April. Wednesday I have physical therapy and groceries and bills, Thursday, I am heading to Ky to my sister-in-laws house and Friday I will be in Lexington for my sisters surgery. Saturday I will be heading back home again and Sunday will be a day of rest for me.

See? Now I know many people have absolutely jam packed lives and my little week wouldn’t measure up to their weeks, but for me this is a busy one. I am hopeful I will get through it and see Sunday when I can rest.

Actually, on Sunday I attend my meeting and get my spiritual meal to boost me on and into the new week again. If I cannot physically make it, I will tie in by phone and listen while resting.

There is good news from last week that I did not share. My pysical therapist said for someone my age, with my disease, I am able to do things that impressed him. I told him that even when I am in bed, I have those exercise bands and use them to work my muscles. I do not need to lose any more of the muscles needed to live.  So that was my good news from last week. The bad news from last week is that one of my three sisters was diagnosed with uterine cancer. She is the one who is having surgery on Friday. I am praying that she will be alright and the doctors said she is a grad or stage 1 so I am hopng for the best. Bless her heart.

Thats about it. I may write another post while I am going this week, but it remains to be seen how I will feel. Hope you all have a great week! Talk to you soon!


4 thoughts on “Busy week ahead…

  1. Cary

    I was browsing for info on MCTD, Lupus and Sjogrens’ and found this page…been reading the entire evening, love it and share the same feeling and issues…unable to plan vacations, barely making my 8 hour shift, no social life, etc. Life has changed for me even before the diagnoses, I knew something was really wrong and after many and I mean MANY doctors during the past 6 years I finally found one doctor that listened. I’m on treatment now but fairly new to all of these. It’s getting difficult to work and just carry on a normal life. I will share my story another time…must try and get some sleep now.

    • Hi and welcome Cary! I am sad to hear of your diagnosis and even more sad at the number of doctors it took before diagnosis was made. Sadly that is normal for many of us.

      I started this blog for myself as a place where I could say and give credit to my true feelings. Our loved ones do not neccessary need to know or hear some of our musings and rants. I decided that by putting the words in a blog I could release the negativity and go on with life.

      You are more than welcome to comment and share as well. For me it is a lifesaver. Thank you for stopping by and come back anytime! Jen

  2. Eva

    I know all about “busy weeks” Jen. You’ll be in my prayers that you have the strength to keep up with yourself and not crash hard. Take care of you! You’re the best one to do it!

    “I have Lupus – IT does not have ME!”

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