I woke up this morning. I made it to the recliner. I fell asleep again and woke up again. Still feeling like a total mess. I have so much to be thankful for, yet today is one fo those days where I am struggling to just try. Try what? Living. Yes, I am depressed today. It happens. More than I care to admit here. The weather is certainly not helping either. It has gone from the 70’s to snow expected. My body aches, my head hurts, and my last nerve left yesterday. I know, this is a depressing blog post. I told you all that I would be brutally honest and this is honest. Maybe if I take another nap things will be better. I doubt it. But hey, I can try. I think I will put my eyeore shirt on, since I sound like him today. I hope everyone out there feels better today and all is well.



2 thoughts on “Blahhh

  1. Eva

    Don’t sweat it Jen. We all have those days. Heck, I have WEEKS like that! That’s why I own 5 Eeyore shirts! Just for those occasions! When my hubby gets home from work and sees me wearing one of them, he knows EXACTLY why the laundry is not done, the floors are not swept, the groceries did not get bought and we are ordering pizza for dinner…. AGAIN! Thank God he is SO understanding or we never would have made it this far! Having a strong support system in place is key for us. When we have our good days, it’s wonderful to have someone to share it with. But when we have our bad days, it’s wonderful to have someone to lean on! As for me, I made it to my computer this morning. I made it to my doctor for a follow up appointment this afternoon for both myself and my daughter (and thankfully, her Lupus panel came back negative and I felt like doing the happy dance even though my body said “NO WAY BABY – NOT TODAY YOU AREN’T!”)and I made it back home to my computer again. Now, after a Toradol shot, I am aiming for the bed and he’ll be ordering non other than pizza for dinner tonight. 🙂
    Much strength to you my “sister” in the fight!
    “I have Lupus – IT does not have me!”

    • Thanks Eva! Yeah it is a tough week for me and promising to be that way next week too. If I make it through these next two weeks I can die in peace. Just making it is the hardest part. One week down almost now but loading a
      moving truck and driving it to ky will be the biggest test for me. Once it is done I can come home and just lay for as long as I need to.

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