Lupus and Vacation


I found this interesting article on and thought it worthy of sharing here. Many of us like to go on vacation but with lupus, it can become something entirely different. Hope this article gives you some good points to consider…

Tips for handling your lupus during vacations

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vacation and healthVacation time means fun time for everyone, including those suffering from lupus.Though it can be a frightening prospect to leave the safety net of home to go on vacation, with some practical planning, lupus patients can have time off while still taking care of themselves.

If you’re planning a long trip, it’s important to recognize your limitations and plan your activities around how you feel on any particular day. Some lupus sufferers prefer to take advantage of non-flare times and take shorter trips, if even just for a day or two.

As with any time away from home, lupus patients should bring along their medications (perhaps even extra medication in case of emergency) as well as a list of those medications and dosage instructions. Include generic names of all medications.

Other travel precautions should include protecting yourself from the sun and scheduling some recovery time if you plan on being an especially active tourist.

Flexibility is key when managing your chronic illness during a vacation. Make sure you have a plan B should you suddenly suffer a flare, and be ready to put it into action. For instance, think of alternatives to every activity in case you are having a flare.

Being able to adapt to the situation can be extremely helpful in managing your lupus away from home.