Weather is a pain


I live in Ohio. Southwestern Ohio to be exact. Here, you can go from having your furnace on in the morning to turning on your a/c in the afternoon. For example, a few days ago it was int he 70’s here, with sunshine, some rain and all. Today, it is snowing some flurries with snow accumulations expected this weekend. WHAT?

I need no weatherman to tell me the weather is changing. I have my joints. No, not the illegal kind of joints, but my body’s joints. I can tell when there is a cold front coming through or if rain is on its way. Who need sthe weather channel when you have lupus? You can substitute any number of illnesses in that last sentence in place of lupus because as we have learned, there are many types of auttoimmune diseases which are similar in nature.

I have mentioned it before but it bears repeating here again about my grandfather.  My grandfather had arthritis associated with old age. He could tell us the weather. I used to laugh and think it was so funny how he knew the weather. Well, the joke is on me now. My grnadchildren can laugh at me now as I do the same thing as my grandfather did when he was still here.

As the population ages, many are faced with old age pains and joints are certainly  not immune to it. Even those who do not have a disease are finding the joints a little stiff in the mornings and feel that tinge of pain. Yes, we are aging and for some of us it began way too soon.

So, if I seem to be a bit snappish today, or a little weepy even, remember that not only am I dealing with normal stresses in life, but also with a disease which causes me pain and when I am in pain, I can be a pain. You have been warned!