Riding the steroid train


Here I sit. It is after 4 in the morning and I can’t sleep. I am tired. Why can’t I sleep? The answer is steroids commonly known by those of us who use them frequently as the brand name prednisone. I detest prednisone. I detest it so much that I have been known to ask my rheumy to give me anything else rather than take it.
This thinking is flawed though. Sometimes it is the nest fit for our symptoms. It is just that I usually gain weight while taking it that I detest it. Other reasons include the crazy mood swings and this stupid insomnia. Ah well, those are just a few of it’s side effects for me.
The positive results are that my ribs are not hurting as bad and my body feels that false sense of energy. Oh well, we take the good with the bad.
Now on to some good news. Hubs and I are hoping to go camping this weekend possibly. We went out to the trailer today and did some major cleaning in preparation of selling both the trailer and the golf cart. We are selling them because we have to cut our expenses and have need of furniture for the house among other things. Much as we enjoy camping, it it more important to use the lot rent and sale money to improve the house and take care of things. Being on a fixed income, this makes sense. If we decide to camp again we will simply purchase another one.
It is sad though, to realize that our peaceful place will be no more but we have made wonderful friends that will remain friends long after we stop camping. We plan on landscaping our back yard and using it to feed our outdoor needs, even in this city, we can do what we can to recreate the feel of camping for us and our grandchildren.
The lupus walk is fast approaching and my team has raised $10 towards our goal of $500. I regret that I have been so ill and unable to round up the walkers and funds as in the previous two years. As it stands now, I will not even be walking, just sitting while my team walks. My team consists of my six year old granddaughter and a friend. Times are tough and despite trying to round up support and such online, I fear it is moot. I will not stop though because of my children and grandchildren, who have a genetic chance of having this disease develop. That is why I do this walk. That is why I am in drug trials. That is why I fight each day to overcome this wolf called lupus.
Sorry for the rambling but if you have been on steroids you will understand. I think I will try to go to bed now. Night all, no wait, it is morning so good morning and have a great day!!


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  1. I agree with your thoughts here and I as a matter of fact love your blog! I’ve bookmarked it so that I can come back & read more in the future. Your post is very interesting. I’ve read your blog for few days now and I trully enjoy your blog. Thank you for your great work!

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