Well, I guess it is time for me to add a personal post. Times are getting better, then worse. Each day has been a challenge in one way or another lately. I have not disclosed the reasons why to date but feel I need to do so now, if only to allow me to shake the negatives by putting them out there and dealing with them more fully.

I have been dealing with a series of tests from several doctors and the results are finally coming in. I had one test come back good. Yay me! However, two other tests came back with issues. As a result, I have had two more tests done to further review the initial results. I still have not heard from three other tests yet.

I still do not think I want to disclose the exact things that are being checked, as it could be a bunch of nothing to worry about. That being said, it is worrying just to have abnormal results and have to take more tests. I have been tied up in this drama of not knowing now for a few weeks and it can wear on the already sick body. It has done exactly that for me.

To illustrate, last night I was in bed and woke up to pain. Yes, the pain woke me up and forced me to sit up and try to get it to stop. I only had over the counter NSAIDS to take, and believe me, they did not help much. I found myself crying and in pain and wishing I could just go back to sleep.

I am going to see about being more proactive in my care again as this pain is crazy to endure when I should not have to. I could be a druggie ont he streets and get the relief I need but no, I am an honest person who cannot seem to get the pain relief I need. Oh well, you can read my tirade on that in the post from some time ago called “Police Mentality and Pain Control“.

I will share what is going on when I know more about it myself. Until then, I apologize for not posting and being a bit on the selfish side. I am just overwhelmed and hope these things get resolved sooner than later. Thanks for letting me spout off and get it out there! It really helps me to be able to vent on this blog and then feel better.

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  1. Liz

    I am so sorry things are going wrong for you. I applaud your bravery in getting the testing done. I have found not knowing things about myself to be both a blessing and a curse…I am in a difficult spot with several health issues going on and cannot even take NSAIDS. I am sorry that you are in such pain and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Do not give up, you are not alone.

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