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I frequent several web pages to find what is the best deal. The work is already done for me and it is a no brainer to have the shopping list ready. You simply print off the list(s) and take it from there. Not a lot of work at all if you use these resources. I will list the ones I like the best here. Happy shopping!

www.thekrazycouponlady.com This site has valuable lessons on how to coupon and save big bucks plus she has links to the online coupons and freebies you can register to get from the manufacturers.

www.couponmom.com I like this one because it has a printable list and you can easily change the headers to have the list descend from the free items to the most expensive.

www.stockpilingmoms.com This page can show you how to make the most of your groceries and easy storage ideas. Love it!

www.weusecoupons.com This is a man who has been featured on the show “Extreme couponing”. It is a lovely site for information.

www.budgetbriana.com This is also a great reference site and a big help in preparing for the shopping list.

www.coupondede.com This site is a coupon clipping site where for a small fee, you can order extra coupons that you will use. For example, if I need 10 coupons of one item, I can go here and order them and they are shipped usually the same day. The fees are nominal and it beats buying ten newspapers!

www.ebay.com seller ID: rebecca7757 This lady I met while shopping and she also has a coupon clipping service. Check her out as well.

It is ultimately your money and if you take just a tiny bit of time and use these resources, you can save really BIG! Happy shopping!


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