Coupon Adventures 6.5.2011(Made Money!)


I had a banner day today! Had to share the results because I think I made money today! Ok, I crunched the numbers and I did make money! Always a red letter day when you come home and have bags full of stuff and spent no money and made money!! Woot woot!! Here are the numbers broke down:


Total spent:$48.93

Total coupons:$36.06

Total out of pocket:$12.87

Extra care bucks earned (or money back for next trip):$13.50

Savings of over 100%


Total spent:$33.49

Total coupons:$21.08

Total out of pocket:$12.41

Register Rewards earned (or money back for next trip):$10.00

Total saving of 99%

Second trip to walgreens

Total spent:$10.51

Total coupons:$6.99

Total out of pocket:$3.52

Total Register Rewards earned:$8.00

Total savings of over 100%

Great day for me shopping. I decided to go on Sunday because last week I went on Monday and all the freebies were gone! I am thinking this is going to be the way it is so I have to try to get out on Sunday after the meeting to get these deals! Have fun out there!


2 thoughts on “Coupon Adventures 6.5.2011(Made Money!)

  1. Awesome!! Another alternative to going on Sunday is to find out when they get their truck in and go that evening…also, don’t forget you can get rain checks and, at CVS, they’ll still give you the ECBs when you redeem them!

    • I am figuring that out as I go, it has been two years since I have couponed. I talked to the manager at Walgreens today and she told me that their truck locally here comes on Thursday, but I got all the freebies today so it was not a concern.

      Cvs, I got the freebies too and a few other things and they are so nice here on making sure you get all you should. I just wish they were more like wags and we did not have to only use a limited number on our card.

      I am getting there on learning the games again. This time though, there are many more couponers out there and it can be daunting, but I am happy if I get the stuff so it is all good!

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