Couponing 6.11.2011


Ok, so this time it is not as good as I can do it but on the trip to Main Street Market (aka Marsh) I confess that I did not have my coupons with me and so I shopped freestyle. Scary! I still managed to save 31% off my bill by using my shoppers card and following the sale. I am also stocked up on soda for awhile because CVS had coke products this week adn pepsi next week and I found out that on Saturday after 4 pm you can shop the present week and also the new weeks items, so needless to say, my buggy overflowed with soda!

I am still trying to get my pantry area in order and the kitchen is a big mess because of it. I am trying to do a shelf at a time and that way it is not so overwhelming.

Anyway, I will post the receipts later because it is too pretty to be inside and I want to enjoy this milder day! Toodles all!!


2 thoughts on “Couponing 6.11.2011

  1. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow…saving over 30% is still great!! I have to reming myself that I used to just go shopping with no thought to what I was going to buy, how much I was going to spend, what I really needed and ultimately, how much money I was throwing away!!

    • I hear ya! I think couponing again has sharpened my skills to be able to save even with out the coupons. As it was, what I bought does not usually carry coupons at all so really I did pretty good considering. It was mostly meat.

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