Tomato Pie


This recipe is a favorite of our family and I have actually changed it a bit to suit our needs. I am sharing our recipe, not the original one. This will melt in your mouth and is so yummy! Hope you try it and enjoy!

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

One or two cans of diced tomatoes (we use fresh tomatoes when in season)

two T mayonnaise or miracle whip

bacon bits (use the real bacon bits)

one can of crescent rolls

shredded cheese (your choice here, most will work fine)

Open the rolls and take out four. Open them up and lay them out on the bottom of the pan so they form a bottom crust for your pie. You may pinch them together if you like. Next, take your miracle whip and spread it out over the rolls thinly. Once that is done, sprinkle your bacon bits. Add the tomatoes next. You can use one or two cans depending on your preferences. Sprinkle liberally with cheese. Take the next four rolls and put them on top (as you did on the bottom, open them and place them on top to form your top crust). Add more cheese on top if preferred as well. Bake in 350 degree oven for 30 minutes.

Variations can include: using pepperoni instead of or with bacon, using italian sausage (cut out of casings and cooked before adding) instead of other meats, seasoning with herbs to your liking, and really anything you would like to try. *If using any meats that are not cooked, fully cook them before adding to the layers*

In a square cake pan or glass pan,


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