Couponing 6.12.2011


I am getting back into my retail therapy groove now. It is where now I do not need to take money, or at least less than $5 for the tax anyway, because I have so many extra care bucks and register rewards that they pay for my shopping!

If you have an inspiring coupon story, please comment here and let us know so we can show how a little time and energy can save BIG BUCKS!


I have been several times now this week and I am here to report them. One of them I did not take any coupons, because it was for meats that normally do not have coupons, so I did nto save as much as I would normally, but hey, I still saved 31% anyway! So here is the breakdown!


Total Spent:$31.16

Total Coupons (RR included):$29.29

Total out of pocket spent:$1.87

Total savings: nearly 100%


Total spent:$14.89

Total coupons (including extra care bucks):$13.97

Total spent out of pocket:$0.92

Savings total: nearly 100%

Main Street Market (formerly Marsh):

Total spent:$63.92

Total savings (did not have coupons so just got store savings):$19.73

Total out of pocket:$44.19

Total savings: 31%


Total spent:$39.54

Total Coupons (including extra care bucks):$28.24

Total out of pocket spent:$11.30

Total savings: 58% in spite of the fact that I bought soda this trip with no coupons for the soda

That means the totals are getting better each time and now I need only take a couple of bucks and coupons and my list and I can get so much! As soon as I get the pantry under control, I will take a pic to share.