Have Had Busy Week


I have not been adding new posts because this week has been super busy. We havebeen trying to sell our travel trailer and it sold finally. We had arrangements to make and running to do because if it and I feel like I have run a marathon this week.

I also organized my pantry so I can now come home fromt he grocery and put them away in a neat and organized manner. I can also see what I need at a glance and that makes shopping easier all around!

My oldest son came by with two of his daughters so we had fun just hanging out. We had pizza and just spent time together. They are good medicine to me!

Next, my hubs had to see a urologist. He went to the ER a few weeks ago and while doing tests, they found a lesion on his left kidney. So, they told us to get to a doctor as soon as possible. That is why we were at the urologist.

The good news is that while we were expecting surgery soon because of this lesion, the doctor wants to wait 6 months to see if it grows. If it does, sugery will happen. If not, wait and see is the order of the day. We are do happy that summer is not ruined by surgery and recuperation!

Next on our agenda is working on the house and back yard. Shew! I get exhausted just thinking about all we have to do.

I have to say that the lupus has been on overdrive this week too. Getting out and about was nice, but the pain has reared its ugly head, especially in the evening.  The mind is willing but this old body is weak.

Sadly, we lost a dear friend this week. He was not feeling good and went to bed. Some time during the night, he just fell asleep in death. He was 46 years old. It has cast a pall over our house and a lot of others who knew this delightful man. We called him caveman, but I do not remember why. He always had a big smile on his face and never met a stranger. He was one of those people that you truly appreciate knowing because of his happy disposition. He will be missed for sure!

When you lose a friend, it makes you evaluate your own life and how you spend it. We have been doing just that this week as well. Funny how you plod along and then when something like this happens, you stop and reflect on your own life and how you should live it. It is a shame we seem to only do that after a loss, but it is how it seems to happen. I am just thankful that even if I wake up in pain, I am still alive and able to enjoy another wonderful day of life.

Thats about it for now! I hope to be on here more frequently in the next few weeks. Thanks for reading!