Better and better


I am going to start this post by telling a show I saw on PBS in which a doctor made a profound remark that struck a chord in me. What he said was, “When a person who has a chronic illness or disease says they are doing fine, they usually think they are. However, if we felt the way they did when they say they are fine, we would be in considerable pain and discomfort. They have grown USED to the pain and discomfort in a way that we cannot comprehend.”

WOW! I could not believe what I had heard! It is profound and so TRUE! We have grown so used to the issues we face that we cn say we are fine and mean it, yet the same issue would bring a “normal” person to their knees.

This has been seen in many patients, as well as those of us with autoimmune diseases. We become conditioned to the everyday pain and discomfort and it takes something major to make us feel worse. I mean, if I go to the ER for pain, it means I am in REAL pain, and hurting so bad that it overrides the “normal” everyday pain I live with.

It makes sense to me. That being said, I can honestly say that each day I feel a little more like I am bouncing back, bit by bit. It is a slow process, and unless you know how I have been, you probably would not even notice the changes, but I have. It is a hopeful sign that my body is heading towards better days ahead.

Dare I think that times will get better? Yes I should. Why not? I mean, when you have felt so bad for so long, it is hard to get excited about a little better day than normal. But if you can get past the normal day to day issues, I can honestly say that I think I am feeling better.

So, the flare is still present, and active. However, I must be getting USED to it or getting better. I am hoping for the better. Hope this post finds everyone feeling better and flare free!


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  1. joann

    WOw! Your message definately hit hard! I must admit that even after 9 years of being diagnosed with mild sle, I still say ‘I am fine’.. Even though having to limp around or wait to get over the fatigue..’I am fine’.. Thanks for sharing.always look foward to read your post..joann from Guam!

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