Getting older


Ok, I admit it, I am in my 50’s now. I am not sure where the time has gone, but inside, I still feel like I am in my 20’s. How did this happen? I mean, one day I had kids who were small, I had firm skin, and I had a whole long life to look forward to. The next thing I know, I am 50, and the kids have kids of their own, and my skin is sagging and I am a half century old! Now to add insult to injury, AARP not only sent me an application, but several of them. One in my maiden name, one in my married name, and one in my first husbands name. Three! They tracked me down! Anyhoo, it was definitely an experience.

I will admit that when I turned thirty, I went bonkers. It was a hard age to become for me. Fifty was not bad at all, it went by with no fanfare and I eased into it. Now another year has gone by and I realized that even if I live to one hundred, my life is half over. The hill is all downward now. Kinda puts things into perspective. It made me realize that at this time in my life, I am able to indulge in my second childhood and no one cares! I can act goofy in public and people do not blink an eye. The grandkids get the benefits of this behavior and it is fun and liberating to not have to be the “adult” and to enjoy the kids any old way I want to!

Funny thing is, all my friends are older now too and we are all easing into it in our own ways. The sad thing is that now we are the ones who know people in the obituaries. It has been sad to see so many of our friends pass away in the last few years. I also realized that my turn will come some day and to honor those who have passed already, I need to enjoy each day I have that they did not get. I mean, they would do it for me, right? So, tonight I have reflected on growing older and my take on it. It is not profound, or earth shattering, but in its own way, it is a right of passage for me. I too, will admit that senior coffee is great (25 cents) and the senior menu is quite nice too. I am transitioning well I think.