Test Yourself for Lupus


Test Yourself for Lupus

1. Have you ever had stiff, tender and swollen joints that feel worse in the morning?

2. Have you ever had an unexplained fever higher than 100 degrees F for more than a few days that was not due to an infection?

3.  Have you ever had extreme fatigue and weakness for days or weeks at a time, even after plenty of sleep?

4. Has your skin broken out after being in the sun, but its not sunburn?

5.Have you ever been told that you have anemia, low white cell count or low platelets count?

6.Have you ever developed irritation or dryness in your eyes or mouth for more than a few weeks?

7. Have you ever been told that you have protein in your urine?

8. Have you ever felt chest pain while taking deep breaths?

9. Have your fingers and/or toes ever become pale or red or blue or felt numb or painful?

10. Have you ever had a stroke or heart attack?

11. Have you ever had blood clotting problems or a miscarriage?

12. Have you ever had redness or a rash across your nose or cheeks in the shape of a butterfly?

13. Have you ever had a seizure or convusion?

14. Have you ever had an unexplained confusion that lasted for more than an hour?

15. Have you had sores in your mouth and/or nose that lasted for more than five days?

16. Have you ever had swelling in your legs and/or ankles on both sides at the same time?

17. Have you had sudden, unexplained hair loss?

18. Have you had unexplained weight loss or abdominal pain that is worse when you breathe?


If your answer was “yes” to at least three of these questions, the Lupus Foundation of America suggests that you consult with your doctor and discuss any questions that you may have about lupus.


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