I heard this again the other day and it really irked me. A LOT! Perhaps you have heard this too. It goes somethng like this, “The people in those motorized carts are fat and if they would just WALK instead of riding around, they might lose weight.”

This saying is usually another of those that tick me off, it goes something like this, ” Do you have to be fat to get a handicapped placard? If only they would exercise and WALK they might lose weight”.

Or even a version of this one, “They are so lazy because they park in the handicapped spot and use a motorized cart”.

You get the idea… the judgmental person who thinks they look superior by putting others down. The ignorant ones who think they know the situation by the looks of it. The people who make fun of those who are seemingly weaker, as in bullying.

Sometimes they will say it to your face. Other times it is implied by their looks as they stare at you while you shop. Any way you cut it, it is pure and simple judging someone by their size or abilities.

Let me explain something to those who do this… we are not this way by choice people! We are ill, with a nasty disease that causes us pain and suffering that you could not deal with. Our medications are poison to our bodies and yet we endure them despite the weight gain and poor body image it gives us. Why? Because we want to live as normal a life as we can. If that means we have a “moon” face and weight gain, then fine. It is a trade off we gladly accept because we want to live.

Personally, there are days when I cannot walk through a big store because I will lose my energy before I get through it. Some days not at all. Yes, I have used a motorized cart when I need it. I am not doing it to get attention, or to be lazy. I do it because inside of my body, where you cannot see, my disease is wreaking havoc on my joints and giving me pain. You see, I still have to get food for our home, and live as normal a life as I can. If that means “sucking it up” and riding in a motorized cart to get this accomplished, then so be it.

If you see someone who is in a cart, and you feel the need to make fun of them, please remember this… you do not walk in their shoes and if you did, you would see that they are not lazy or fat… they deal with a variety of things on a daily basis that would overwhelm others if they had to endure them. So, practice empathy, and see the person behind the motorized cart. You may be surprised by what you find!

Food for thought!