My Dear Friends


Today, I got dressed and went to see a friends new house. They were having a housewarming and I decided to go over even if it was for a few minutes. I had a blast! I did not stay long, but saw friends and realized just how much I have been missing the social interacting with others. Yes, sure, I blog and post status messages on twitter and facebook. However, I have missed actually SEEING people.

When you are sick, and chronically in pain, it is a big deal when you get dressed and go someplace. It can be the store, or as it was today, to a friends home. I was thnking that the isolation you feel when you are home and sick is a sad state of affairs. I know people are very busy in their own lives. I did find out though, that sometimes people think because I said I feel bad on facebook, that I do not want company. I was not aware of this at all. So, I am posting this blog to say to those of my friends that if you want to come visit me, please do. You have no idea how much it helps me just seeing people and hearing about their lives and what is going on. It is nice to chat and share.

If you are one of my friends, please feel free to stop in. I cannot promise the hosue will be clean, or that I will be wearing street clothes, but I can guarantee you one thing… you will make my day a bit brighter just by stopping by for a few minutes. I guess what I am saying is that if you can overlook the messy house, then come on over! My kitty cat will appreciate it very much. She and also my husband. You see, I talk to them all day long and I know they get tired of hearing my voice. In effect, you will be helping them to keep their sanity too! lol

I am blessed with many friends. I never realized they felt like I did not want them to come over. I am correcting that with this post. You do not have to bring me anything. You can stop by on your way home from work. You can call and chat for a few minutes on the phone. The key thing to remember is that I truly do appreciate your making the effort to just say hello. It can mean the world to me when I am in pain and sick. It brightens my whole day! So stop by and we can talk about everything or nothing. I look forward to it.