Savella, a medication for fibromyalgia patients


Hey everyone! Sorry I have been MIA lately but BOTH of our computers went out at about the same time. Go figure! Anyway, I do have a bit to post. As anyone who reads this blog knows, I have lupus, fibromyalgia, and a host of other illnesses which I will not mention in this post. Lately, it seems my fibro has been on high alert and causing me tons of pain. To prevent more pain, and a bigger dose of lupus on top, my rheumy and I have gone through a journey of several meds trying to address the pain and  find something that will work.

As most people with fibro know, each med does not necessarily work for all. It can be difficult to deal with when you try different meds and still find yourself in pain because they are not working for you. I have been in this predicament lately.

To begin with, my doc had to make sure that this pain was not lupus related. After careful examination and several consultations, it was clear that the pain is from fibro. Next logical step is to find what will work for me. To that end, I was changed from celexa to cymbalta. I started on a low dose and was titrated up to a higher dose. After approximately one month, it became clear that my pain had not subsided at all, and I was still unable to function much.

The next step was to step down from the cymbalta (titrating down) and then begin a new medication called Savella. Savella was also titrated from a very small dose up to the dosage I would eventually be on. It takes two weeks to titrate up and I am on the end of the first week, and on approximately half the dosage I will be on when finally to my actual dosage. This has been a journey by itself. Apparently even though I had titrated down from the cymbalta, I was going thorugh withdrawal symptoms. I was crying, literally bawling my head off, at the drop of a hat. No rhyme, no reason, just go from happy to bawling in a matter of seconds. Add to that, I was having this strange feeling of heaviness, like I had sandbags all over my body and had to fight an uphill battle just to get up out of bed! Severe fatigue and a low grade fever were next on the platter.  I was also dizzy and sweating a ton. I mean, I was miserable! I was having mood swings that put menopause to shame too! I felt like I was losing my mind.

I called my doctor and he explained that I was having withdrawal from the cymbalta and that this is fairly common when you stop cymbalta. Well shut my mouth but I will remember that and hope I never take cymbalta again! No offense to anyone who takes it, but it did not work for me and I still had withdrawal as well.

As of this writing I can say that I am feeling more improved each day. I actually cleaned my entire kitchen the other day! Wow! So as I titrate up to the final dosage, I hope that each day feels a little better. It has been a long time in coming. I will keep you all updated for sure.