Have You Ever Wondered…


I have been wondering about a few things lately. Like, how come when I go out and run errands I find I have to lay in bed the whole next day? Or, how can I be sound asleep and wake up because of pain? Why do I fluctuate from freezing cold to burning hot? What is the point of trying some days when it is easier to give up? Why can’t I sleep when I am so very tired? Why must I be criticized for the things I do?

I don’t have all the answers ot these questions but I find myself thinking of them from time to time. I guess the answers could vary depending on the time involved. For example, the same wuestion can be asked at different points of the week and you could get a totally different answer each time. I need to think less some days and just be happy for life, and love and God and family. Nuff said.